Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been tagged...

So now that two folks have tagged me, I guess I'll go. Seven things about me, hmmmm.....

1. I secretly desire to complete a triathlon. My athletic husband has worn me down to actually considering this. The swimming part I think I could do in my sleep, but the other two...I hate to run and I don't have a bike. So I'll just keep dreaming about it but not start the training.

2. I used to vomit a little in my mouth at the sound of clipping nails. It didn't matter who it was...if I heard you I hated you for a minute. Now it doesn't bother me at all. Isn't that weird? A sound that utterly repulsed me doesn't even make me wince anymore.

3. I love to cook. More than that I love to collect recipes. I have a TON of cookbooks and I've even made my own by cutting out/copying recipes down. I have more recipes than I have days in one lifetime. You need a recipe for anything...Tomato and Dill Sandwiches with Smoked Salmon-Caper Spread or how about Mocha Mousse Demitasse...I'm your girl.

4. I love to grab my dog's tongue when he sticks it out just to mess with him. It's freakishly long and stretches a good bit. He loves it. I truly entertain myself this way.

5. I LOVE America's Next Top Model. Tyra should really consider having me as a guest judge on the next cycle. I've watched each season and after a couple of challenges and photo shoots, I can tell you who's going home and who's staying for drama and who's going to win. "The next name that I'm going to call is....."

6. I am a project girl. Not like Jenny from the Bronx, more like the Martha Stewart kind. I have a new passion for crafty stuff. I like to make things...random things...and I love shopping at Michael's. I'm even turing half of my closet into a craft station!

7. I've always loved to dance, everyone knows that. But when I was younger and trying to think about God-given talents and spiritual gifts, I actually thought that I was supposed to be a back up dancer for Carmen. (You know you liked Carmen in the 80's.) I was convinced that that was my ticket to dancing for the Lord. Now that I know a little more about spiritual gifts I can definitely say dancing with Carmen is not one of them. At least not one of mine.

I tag Brittany!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A baby's best friend

Abram and Jackson have lots of fun together as you can see. Abram is very curious about the big dog and his wagging tail. Jackson just wants to lick Abram to death.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

lots and lots of new pictures

Though the boy has a double ear infection and a cold, he lets us take lots of pictures of him. These came from a two day period when I went a little crazy with the camera. Enjoy!
By the way...his hair is white but looks a little red in these pictures. And yes it sticks out like that all the time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A sick little baby

On a better day
"I can't breathe out of my nose."

Well we are now the proud parents of a 4 month old. I was just telling Daniel that I can't believe we've had this little guy around that long. He's wonderful and so calm and happy most days. He is sick right now though. Just a cold, but he's still pretty pitiful at times. Maybe when he's well I'll post more frequently. Life has been pretty busy trying to recoup from the holidays. Daniel has begun his busy season so keep him (and me and Abram) in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We loved cheering on the runners!

Daniel and his brother John

Daniel's brother ran in the Mississippi Blues Marathon on Saturday and we were able to cheer him on. He did incredibly well and acheived his goal. Supporting the runners reminded me of doing the same with Daniel in Washington D.C. over a year ago as he ran in the Marine Corp Marathon. It's amazing to know the committment and dedication it takes to train (torture) yourself until you can run 26.2 miles (and not die). Just wanted to share pics from Washington in 2006. I'm still so proud of my husband!

(that's not our stroller...this was pre-Abram)