Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's About Time!

Well...Abram did in fact have a birthday and a party almost a month ago. Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time. Daniel needs the computer to study for the CPA test at night, and if you are a mom, you'll understand why I don't post much during the day.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! We had Abram's party at a park nearby and enjoyed spending the time with our family and friends.

My mom made his outfit...isn't it cute?!?!?

It got a little crazy during the present opening time. You can see the "helpers" in the back. My expression is a cry for help!

Abram wasn't too interested in anything other than pounding his cupcake.

We love our cousins!

THE cake...made by your's truly.

Sliding with Dad

He loved the park!

And this is what he did the whole time!

Partying is hard work!