Sunday, October 7, 2007


I wanted to show these two lovely ladies off. We enjoyed recent visits from AJ (Aunt sister) and from Courtney (friend from college). Thanks so much you two for all your help with Abram and house stuff! We love you both dearly!



One Month Old!

So far Daniel has done all the blogging, but here is my first shot at this.

Who can believe our son Abram is already one month old?!?! I was inspired by my friend Lauren's post to give glory to God for our wonderful son. We've had sleepless nights, one million and one questions, one million and one different pieces of advice, and too many dirty diapers to count. But one thing remains matter how tough a moment might seem, God gives us grace to make it and wisdom (so far) in knowing how to care for Abram. He is truly a beautiful and wonderful child, and Daniel and I marvel at his health and little acheivments all the time.

Our first month has brought many changes such as moving up in sizes for clothes and diapers, a new belly button, learning the difference between nighttime and daytime, and being more alert and focusing on mom and dad while we talk to him. These changes are really fun and remind us that in a short time, we'll look back and be amazed at how time flies. For now we are still learning so much and still enjoying our new lives as parents!