Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy do I have some pictures for you

Abram has done quite a bit of growing up these past two weeks. He's learned how to use his sippy cup, mastered the art of crawling, and can't get enough of pulling up and standing. And big news...his hair is starting to lay down a bit. (Honestly this is a little sad for me, but there are more important things in life than crazy hair.) Anyway, Abram is so fun and keeps Daniel and I laughing all the time. Enjoy the pictures.

"Go! Go! Go!...."

He can sit like this for days. (I love his little feet!)

He's very proud of his new skill.

I put this one in so you can see his teeth. He has five now and one coming through any day now.


Abram always practices his pulling up and standing. Lately he likes this view from his room. You can rest assured that he's tested the endurance of the glass. This kid loves to hit things.

Abram loves to pull out all of his books and throw them on the floor. There are a couple that he actually enjoys "reading." The others he uses as drum sticks on the brick hearth.

And lastly, just thought I would show off some flowers from my yard. This is a big deal if you knew how many of my other plants died!