Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog? What blog?

Well, it looks like mother's day is the last time that we have updated our blog. Looks like the blog got crowded out in the midst of our summer activities! I won't say much here except to give a brief update on things.

Sadie had her first birthday in June...a butterfly party. Abram turned 3 in September. We've taken vacations to the beach and to a family retreat at Lake Forest Ranch. Shea and I went to New Orleans for a weekend...WITHOUT THE KIDS! It was the first time we had both been away from Sadie overnight, and we had a wonderful weekend together. Shea and I also had a first together by completing a triathlon in June...a short one but still a triathlon.

Sadie started walking this summer, although she's back to crawling for the time being as she had a "toddler fracture" after a fall in September. Her doctor says it will be fine by the 1st week of October. Abram is old enough now to attend Sunday school (instead of the church nursery), as well as our church's Wednesday night kids program (Awana), and finally a 2-day-a-week mother's morning out program.

Shea and I have both been challenged in our relationships with each other and with those around us. There have been numerous "teaching moments" for each of us, and we are grateful for God's patience and goodness in our lives.

I'll close with a couple of pictures of Abram and Sadie from our neighborhood 4th of July parade. Here's to a more "connected" fall blogging season!


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fun fun! good to see some pics

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